Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Next Episode

Agh! I need more vegetables and less meat! It's pretty hard to eat a balanced diet around here when their are so many good meat options (milanesa de pollo, carne asada, etc.). I'm pretty settled into the rhythm of things now. Three strait hours of Spanish class Monday-Thursday can get a bit tiring (I've had trouble keeping my eyes open once or twice) but the teachers are doing a good job of keeping the material interesting and it's nice to have a bit of a schedule. I went to a party with Tomas last Thursday at an apartment in Palermo that turned out to be mostly inhabited by French students studying in Buenos Aires (his ex-girlfriend is French). It was pretty tough to keep up with things, particularly when conversations went back and forth between French and Spanish, but it was a fun and memorable night all things considered. It really made me feel like part of an exciting new international body of students. Learning French has moved a ways up my list of things to do sometime in my life. I also started talking to a French guy named Rafael about French rap (MC Solaar, for example, who, according the Rafael, is pretty old and not so popular anymore in France). He also plays drums and has a friend with a piano and we might meet up sometime to play music. I'm getting a bit more comfortable with Spanish; I was actually able to have an intelligent conversation for 20 or 30 minutes last night with Tomas about different music genres. Other notable things: I've got a cold, my camera seems on the verge of breaking, and I STILL have not found anyone with a piano I can play. But, all-in-all the trip is going great so far; Buenos Aires is beautiful (usually), people are amiable and easy to talk to, and there's more to do here than I could ever touch in a month

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Melissa said...

Well, I wrote this already so hopefully it's not being publ'd twice. Hey clarke, this is Melissa who is visiting Aunt susan in Whitefish. Sounds like you are making the most of it. As an aside, I took French for 12 years and couldn't speak a word of it if my life depended on it.
So.. we'll follow your adventure. You are a great writer.
Bye and take care, Melissa