Monday, June 23, 2008

Almost settled in

I've now been in Argentina for a few days. Actually, today was the first day at Universidad de San Andres, which is very nice, comfortable (probably because it seems very American; it reminds me of Lakeside and Seattle Prep) and I'm sure will be a great place to study Spanish. On another note, there's a nice running path two blocks from my house and I'm making a point of running at least once every other day. The weather's perfect for it, very fresh and usually clear (so far) and it's a great way to observe some things. Every time I go outside, I can't help feeling like I'm in Seattle in October or November and I get these nostalgic flashbacks of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Little League Soccer games, Husky football games, etc. Part of it is the weather (chilly and crisp) but I think most of it is the smells. There's a row of Maple trees outside my house and the smell of their falling, decaying leaves is very familiar (I actually had to pick one up and smell it to decide if that's what it really was). There's also a fair amount of mud and wet grass/foliage with has a certain Seattle-like smell. I find myself lost for words and unable to understand quick speaking more often than not but I'm getting adjusted. I'm sure things will come more naturally in a week or two.

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